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Case studies

Some of our customers



  • David Esseryk - Director of Technology Innovation, Accor Hospitality

    By establishing this partnership with AFTER-MOUSE.COM around Microsoft technologies, we have looked to offer our customers the best of the new technologies. We have really been impressed by the attention and reactivity of our partner.

  • DeMarco Lewis - Senior Systems Analyst, Application Project Leader, Kerzner International

    This experience has also been eye opening from an imagination standpoint and a proofing of just where technology is in our industry. I trust we will embark on many solutions for the betterment on bringing this technology to millions of people.

  • Anthony Le Heron - General Manager (Sales), Ile de France West and Paris, Bouygues Immobilier

    Our dream has become reality. Thanks to AFTER-MOUSE.COM, we have developed a new sales approach based on an innovative, futuristic tool, and strengthened our concentration on customer satisfaction.

  • Philippe Gérome - Sales Director, New-Im

    Multimedia technology is of great interest for the sales side of our business. Touch screen units will allow our customers to be immersed in their future environment, using 3-D animations.
    Journal des Entreprises (Janvier 2010)

  • Norbert Djeffal - Operations Director at Internity France

    (...) a user-friendly tool which consumers greatly appreciate. (...) this new sales contact makes it possible to create a second sales point (...). This will allow us to double our presence while limiting investment.
    MULTIMEDIA A LA UNE (Janvier 2010).

Some examples

Bouygues Immobilier

AFTER-MOUSE.COM reinvents sales tools for property development. This multi-user application allows users to discover the entire offer from the overview presentation through to individual apartments.

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Audi France

AFTER-MOUSE.COM worked together with Audi on the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Two applications were showcased in the Audi lounge: a touch screen development and another one using the motion recognition technology.

Some of our applications

  • Immobilier
  • Grande Distribution
  • Hôtellerie et restauration
  • Education
  • Voyage
  • Collaboration d'entreprise
  • Jeux et loisirs
  • Evenementiel
  • Tourisme
  • Automobile
  • Médical

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